What is the Drinking Age in the Bahamas: Legal Age Limit To Remember before Drinking in the Bahamas

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The Bahamas is a popular destination for the tourist-lovers, honeymooners, babymooners, or holidaymakers. You will have a great time staying on this unique island as there are plenty of exciting and fun tourist activities. Tourist areas in the Bahamas are worth visiting, but you must remember there are some strict laws regarding alcohol consumption in the party centers or bars.

Locals and tourists commonly consume alcohol in the bars and nightclubs of the Bahamas. Most convenience stores sell liquor, but drinking in the Bahamas can only sometimes be a fun activity if you are not aware of their law.

This informative guide will walk you through the local regulations regarding what is the drinking age in the Bahamas. Keep reading this article to learn some basic information you must know as a traveler of the Bahamas.

Is It Common to Set Legal Age Limit for Drinking in Every Country

As an adult and freedom-seeker, you might want to drink while going on a trip. You may also wonder if all your desired tourist spots have strict rules about setting legal age limits for drinking. The answer is no, not everywhere. Many countries of the world do not have an age limit, the Bahamas. Countries like Africa and Angola are among those countries.

However, so many countries are very strict about setting up laws for drinking alcohol. The sale of alcohol is also found in specific areas of those countries that everyone can’t access. Note that some countries of the world purely restrict drinking alcohol. Drinking alcoholic beverages in any form in those countries is illegal.

Some countries set up regulations on the type and amount of alcohol consumed by diners. Depending on their age limit, the type and amount of alcohol vary. For example, we can talk about Belgium, where children under 16 are allowed to buy and drink beer but can only consume spirits after 18 years.

Generally, the most common age for drinking alcohol legally in most countries are 18 and 21. Unfortunately, it has been suggested by WHO based on global statistics that children all over the world start taking alcohol within the age range of 12-15.

Some countries strictly ban the consumption of alcohol. They don’t supply or allow the purchase of these things in their states. Some countries that don’t allow alcoholic consumption are the United States of Arab Emirates, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, etc.

Drinking Age Limit in the Bahamas (What is the Drinking Age in the Bahamas)

Drinking Age Limit in the Bahamas

It has already been discussed that you are bound to follow the age limit for drinking in the Bahamas. The rules and regulations regarding purchasing and consuming alcoholic beverages are pretty complex in some countries, but you will not find the system difficult in the Bahamas. The age limit for drinking alcohol doesn’t depend on which country you belong to. Instead, it depends on the country you are going to visit.

You can take alcohol in the Bahamas if you are 18 or above. So, people who have an extreme desire to go to the Bahamas but don’t want to compromise the desire to consume alcohol must be at least 18 years old. If you are an adult enough to respect the law, you are welcome to visit this country to spend your vacation.

However, you must bring your documents as legal proof to show your actual age written on the passport or ID. Selling and purchasing alcohol is not a regular practice in the Bahamas. So, you may not find alcohol any time you want. The shops that particularly sell alcohol remain closed on Sundays, unlike many other countries.

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Reasons for Making Age Limit for Drinking in the Bahamas

Visiting the clubs and bars to learn more about the culture of a travel destination is a desire for so many people. Henceforth, drinking during a trip is a common practice among travelers. Bahamas bars and nightclubs allow drinking while partying, but they set up some restrictions on the age limit to consume alcohol.

The reasons are pretty simple to understand. It’s known that alcohol has some negative impact on the nervous system of adolescents. As a result, they can’t use their brain and nervous system systematically as they are supposed to. When it is time for adolescents to grow mentally, intellectually, and physically, alcohol consumption is a barrier.

Alcohol causes significant damage to long-term memory and cognition when boys are in their developing age. Apart from these, there are many other adverse effects of alcohol consumption, like hormone imbalance and liver damage during puberty.

In addition, adolescents are not adequately aware of the after-consequences of taking alcohol which may lead to unconscious and overconsumption of alcoholic beverages. This will lead to liver or kidney damage and cause unwanted accidents.

Legal Drinking Age for the Different Cities of the Bahamas

Legal Drinking Age for the Different Cities of the Bahamas

The drinking age limit in the different cities of the Bahamas is the same. Wherever you visit in the Bahamas, like Nassau, Bahamas Atlantis, or Bimini Bahamas, the drinking age limit is the same in every place in this country.

Many people may inform you that the drinking age limit is relaxed there, and you will get chances to take alcohol in one way or another. Don’t pay any heed to those bullshits because your safety can be ensured only by yourself.

It will be hazardous for a traveler if he gets any punishment while vacationing. Try to remain extra careful if you are going there with a child under 18 but are used to consuming alcohol. Apart from these factors, you should also be concerned about your health. Taking alcohol is illegal because it is very harmful to health. So, it is better to stay far from alcohol as much as possible.

Should You Follow the Drinking Age Limit in the Bahamas?

Though the Bahamas authority set up an age limit for drinking alcohol, there are ways to get around the law because many places don’t maintain any specific procedures to check your documents and know your age.

However, you can’t escape from the law if you stay in some reputable resorts and registered-amusement parks. You will also see some young people drinking with help from their adult friends and family members.

Whatever the situation is, you are recommended to abide by the laws of a travel destination to avoid any potential risks. If you get caught breaking the law of drinking alcohol under a strict agency or authority, you will get severe punishments. So, always try to be aware of their laws. The punishment can be fining hundred of dollars or even getting locked up. It will be best to avoid drinking if you are not 18.

Popular Drinks in the Bahamas

Nothing is more interesting than taking incredible drinks while enjoying the sun and soothing views of an island destination. Alcoholic beverages and some others drinks are very entertaining and everyday activities of travelers. Let’s check out some of the most popular drinks in the Bahamas that you must try while vacationing there.

  • Sky Juice
  • Yellow Bird
  • Sands Beer
  • Rum Punch
  • Switcha
  • Goombay Smash
  • Bahama Mama
  • Kalik Beer
  • Bush Crack Beer
  • Pirate Republic Beer
  • Calypso Sun Cocktails
  • Margarita
  • Bahamas Mojitos
  • The Painkiller
  • Frozen Rum Cocktail
  • Gully Wash
  • Buchwackers
  • Daiquiri


Q: Is there any legal age limit for driving a car in the Bahamas?

Yes, an individual must be at least 17 years old to drive a car on the road to the Bahamas. Besides, you can only drive there with formal training to drive a car and a driving license.

However, this age limit is not applicable for driving in Nassau, Bahamas. You will be considered eligible to drive a car in Nassau once you turn 21. We recommend you check the car rental company’s policies before renting a car in the Bahamas and planning to ride a car.

Q: What is the age limit for enjoying water activities in the Bahamas?

Interestingly, the locals and travelers are also bound to abide by the age limit restrictions for water sports in the Bahamas. You need to turn only ten to enjoy the water activities like scuba diving.

However, the good thing is all the children from 10-16 years old are accompanied by a guide while enjoying the water activities all the time. The guides help them to get the best out of the watersports without allowing them to dive.

Q: Is there any age limit in CocoCay Bahamas?

Yes, the age limit for drinking alcohol in Cococay is 21 years old. So, tourists under 21 must keep this age limit with other parts of the Bahamas. People 21 years old or above can order alcoholic beverages in CocoCay Bahamas, but they must show their valid ID at the guest-servicing desk.

In a Nutshell

Though the Bahamas authority permits having alcohol in nightclubs and bars throughout the country, the tourists must be obligated to the local regulations about drinking. This article explained the details about what the drinking age is in the Bahamas to familiarize you with their basic laws about drinking.

All the information given in this article is necessary to remember for every traveler who is planning to visit the Bahamas and wants to have a drink there at least once during their trip. Try to stay informed and conscious about the local drinking law of the Bahamas and have safe travel.