Is Bali Safe To Visit- Things you should know before visiting Bali

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Bali sometimes referred to as the Island of the Gods, is among the most popular destinations for tourists around the world. There aren’t many locations in the world that can match Bali’s amazing rainforests and beaches, lavish hotels, and rich culture.

However, there are certain security issues on this idyllic island, such as the risk of fraud and natural catastrophes. In addition to the occasionally disruptive visitors, many people often wonder that “is Bali safe to visit?” Continue reading to find out what to expect in Bali and what to look out for when visiting.

Is Bali Safe To Visit?

In one word, yes. Bali is among the safest Indonesian destinations and is normally safe to visit. Petty theft and frauds are Bali’s main security issues even though these crimes are often less violent.

There are some reasons, which are mentioned down below, as to why Bali may seem a bit dangerous but it is nothing major to avoid visiting Bali.

• Crimes

The majority of crime in Bali is minor, such as pickpocketing and stealing bags. Another typical crime that has lately risen to the top in Bali is phone robbery. However, you can prevent this by taking simple safety precautions.

While going out, don’t take all of your belongings with you. Moreover, always try to put your phone in your front pocket.

This is because bars are very common places for these thefts to take place. Stealing phones is Bali’s most frequent crime, thus it is advisable to either carry a zipped handbag or use fanny packs. Such bags will keep all of your valuable items safe and secure all the time if you carry them with you.

• Bad areas

You might want to stay away from some places in Bali, particularly when it is late at night. Despite being comparatively low, crime is nevertheless above average in such places. Kuta, the capital of Bali, is one of these areas.

This city is equally fun and the riskiest at the same time.  There is little violence, and the nightlife can get extremely wild.

When visiting Kuta, be mindful of the environment around you, and don’t keep your beverages behind. Staying with a bunch of people is better, particularly for women.

However, Bali does not have any unpleasant areas. They are all quite secure. However, you can expect there to be small thefts if the areas you are visiting are popular tourist attractions. Please, be more cautious while staying in these places in Bali-

  • Areas near the Airport
  • Money Changer in Airport
  • Money Changer is Narrow Alley
  • Local Arak shops

• Natural calamities

Since Bali is located in an earthquake-prone region, tsunamis and earthquakes are constantly a possibility. In Bali, quakes rarely result in significant destruction of property or fatalities.

Although exceedingly unlikely, you should only be concerned regarding a tsunami if an offshore earthquake strikes.

eruptions of volcanoes in Bali

There are also other things to be concerned about other than earthquakes and tsunamis, such as eruptions of volcanoes. Despite the minimal likelihood of yet another explosion occurring after 1963, it is nevertheless important to be prepared.

Flood is a possibility in Bali when there is monsoon season, however, it is still quite uncommon and subsides fairly rapidly. Thus, natural catastrophes are rare in Bali even though there are always possibilities that they might happen.

Safety Of Solo Travelers In Bali

Being able to explore Bali on your own makes traveling an amazing experience. It helps to push yourself and venture beyond your personal bubble. However, visiting Bali alone is very safe. Before embarking on a trip, ensure that the agency you choose is reliable. Check the reviews and conduct some research.

The easiest method to not just maintain safety but also score a fantastic trip is by doing so. Always keep your beverage in sight since alcohol spiking does occur.

Refrain from consuming beverages that have not been prepared in front of you. Another thing to keep in mind is avoiding being excessively intoxicated.

Drinking is totally fine, but becoming absolutely hammered is not the best strategy for staying safe while vacationing alone in Bali. You can use sim cards that are already pre-paid as it will help you stay in contact with your close ones back home.

However, you will see that being alone makes you an even bigger target to fraudsters and roadside sellers.

The smartest way is to dismiss anything that appears to be excessively intrusive or questionable. Lastly, do not stray away from the road.

Although the tourist zones of downtown Bali are not suitable for all and are not precisely laid back, unaccompanied travelers should exercise extra caution when leaving the crowds. No one wishes to find themselves in a difficult position, especially without any cell service or a helping hand.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What should you keep away from in Bali?

Although most tourists experience a trouble-free trip to Bali, there still remain a few things that you need to look out for to keep yourself safe.

This would include operating a scooter with no proper license, using any kind of substances that are illegal, consuming Arak or phony liquor, acting impolitely, and failing to conduct adequate research prior to engaging in any high-intensity activities.

2. Is Swimming in the Ocean Safe?

The place and the weather all have an impact on how safe it is to take a swim in the ocean. The tides on the beaches of Bali are usually quite powerful. Moreover, most beaches do not have lifeguards stationed all the time.

Avoid swimming at beaches where red flags are flying. Surfing and snorkeling near coral reefs require caution since these structures are spiky and can lead to wounds that become infected.

3. Is Eating Vegetables and Fruits Reliable?

Bali does really have scrumptious fruits and veggies. Your chances of contracting the famed “Bali Belly” have been decreased as a result of significant improvements in hygiene in restaurants in Bali recently.

You just need to make sure to fully rinse any vegetables you buy from a supermarket with fresh water instead of using tap water as that contains lots of bacteria.


There are no reasons to be scared to travel to Bali as it is one of the most marvelous vacation destinations. Although you will find certain risks, Bali will be a terrific experience for you as long as you exercise prudence. Actually, staying in Bali for too long might possibly be the riskiest aspect of the trip!