How to Get to Seychelles from US- Everything You Need to Know.

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People across the world come to the islands of Seychelles to experience earth on heaven as it is indeed a blessing from heaven to the mother nature of this world.

Many people desire to visit Seychelles once a year and relax away from their monotonous life back at home. But people often need clarification about how to get to Seychelles from US. Well, there are different ways of transportation to reach Seychelles from US.

In this article, you will get to know these different ways. There are 7 ways to get to Seychelles, a tropical paradise northeast of Madagascar from the United Nations. Flights tickets to Seychelles from the United States are high compared to other countries like Bali or Maldives.

But you can choose a bus or train as your transportation medium to cut down transportation expenditures.

Flights to Seychelles from the United State

How to Get to Seychelles from US: Routes, Companies, and Transportation Mediums

Flight Routes

From Boston

This is the most recommended route for flying to Seychelles from the U.S, and the distance between them is 19293 km. It takes 25h 15m on a flight to cover this vast distance. Airlines like Emirates, American Airlines, Qatar Airways, and others provide flights on this popular route.

Weekly, 50 planes take off from Boston to Seychelles. The cheapest flight on this route costs 585 US Dollars. It is the cheapest route to Seychelles.

From New York JFK

From the John F. Kennedy International Airport of New York, you can go to Seychelles in less time than Boston Airport. You can get to Seychelles from NewYork JFK in 22h 46m.

JFK’s flight prices to Seychelles start from $1,335 to $1,359.It is the fastest route to Seychelles.

From Newark

The duration of flights on this route is 26h 0m, so only a few people recommend it. It will cost you at least $1,025 to take flights from Newark, and there is a ticket worth $1,852.

From Chicago O’Hare

Flights from Chicago O’Hare to Seychelles will take 22 hours 33 minutes, and it is the second fastest route to Seychelles. The flight tickets will cost you $725 to $ 2,155.

From Seattle

The route between Seattle Airport and Seychelles takes 26 hours and 44 minutes. But it is the second cheapest route, costing $724 to $2,349 to buy tickets.

From Dallas

It is the longest route from the United States to Seychelles; it takes 27 hours and 47 minutes to reach the destination. The flight tickets cost &824 to $2,648.

Train and Subway to Washington Dulles, then flight from Airport

First, you have to take a train or subway to reach the airport of Washington Dulles and take flights from there; It will take about 25 hours and 29 minutes to reach Seychelles. The flight tickets cost $742 to $2,429.

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Companies that Run Flight services to Seychelles from the U.S

Several airlines manage and run flights between Seychelles and the United States. They are-

Train Operators from the United States to Seychelles

Several companies train services between this route; they are-

  • Amtrak
  • Amtrak Acela
  • Amtrak Northeast Regional
  • Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

Domestic Flights in Seychelles

Mahe Airport acts as the central hub for international flights and plays the role of a domestic airport in Seychelles. You can take ferries or ships to jump between islands, but there are domestic flights for you if you get seasick quickly.

But the flights between Mahe and Praslin become dangerous from May to October due to the blowing of the Southeast trade wind. From Mahe Airport, you can visit all the islands, including Birds Island.


1. What is the best way to Seychelles?

If you want to go to Seychelles from the U.S, then a vital thing to know is that there is no direct flight to Seychelles from the U.S. You have to change flights by transitions in London or Middle Eastern hubs like Qatar or the UAE or Dubai.

 Choose Mahe airport as your destination, and then go to other islands by local flights.

2. What cities fly direct to Seychelles?

17 airports from 17 different cities in 15 countries have direct flights to Seychelles. The list of these cities is given below-

  1. Praslin Island(PRI)
  2. Doha(DOH)
  3. Johannesburg( JNB)
  4. Mauritius( MRU)
  5. Nairobi(NBO)
  6. Istanbul(IST)
  7. Abu Dhabi(AUH)
  8. Dubai(DXB)
  9. Addis Ababa(ADD)
  10. Mumbai(BOM)
  11. Frankfurt(FRA)
  12. Colombo(CMB)
  13. Saint-Denis(RUN)
  14. Tel Aviv(TLV)
  15. Moscow Sheremetyevo(SVO)
  16. Zurich(ZRH)
  17. Male(MLE)

3. How long is the flight from Miami to the Seychelles islands?

It will take 17 hours and 59 minutes on average to fly to Seychelles from Miami International Airport. But if unavoidable circumstances occur, it will take longer than the average duration.

4. How much do flights to Seychelles cost?

The cost of flights to Seychelles depends on various factors, including the time of the year. If you fly in the off-season, ticket prices will be less than usual. A return ticket to the U.S. from Seychelles costs more than the visiting ticket. A flight ticket to Seychelles from the U.S. typically costs over $420. But a return ticket costs $500 to $900.

5. How far is it from the United States to Seychelles?

The distance between the U.S and the land of islands, Seychelles, is 15421 km.

Final Words

I hope you understand how to get to Seychelles from the U.S. It is easy transportation if you know the right way. If you are on a tight budget, select the route and transportation medium of low cost.