How to Get to Maldives From US?

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Planning a vacation to the Maldives? It’s a wonderful choice – to visit a picturesque as well as a tranquil place like the Maldives. Obviously, you are going to explore a new lease on life by visiting the destination. As a first step in making your dream come true is to know How to Get to Maldives From US. 

The tour processing depends on your location in the USA, your budget, and the tour length. The punchy article includes some activities, flights, flight expenses, and much more. Hopefully, it will help you get motivated and also give tips on how to enjoy an amazing vacation filled with fun and frolic. 

How to Get to Maldives From the USA?

You can make your dream tour from the USA to the Maldives in different ways. Though it’s a bit challenging because the flights are costly and long. Considering your travel time, wallet condition, and the place of your tour start, you are to figure out the best means for you. 

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To reach the destination quickly and easily you need to board a direct flight to Male from the USA. The other way of landing in your dreamland, the Maldives from the USA is to fly to another destination first. Later you are to connect to one of the few routes between these other cities and the Maldives.

Here goes a description of some convenient ways based on your location:

  • East Coast: To start your tour from this place the best way for you is to fly with JetBlue to NYC’s John F. Kennedy airport. Then you can avail of connecting to Maldivian Airlines’ direct flight to Male.
  • West Coast: To make your journey from this place, fly to LAX first. Then connect to Maldivian Airlines’ direct flight to Male. 
  • New York: If you intend to fly from New York, go for JetBlue. It has nonstop flights to the capital, Male. 
  • Chicago: Suppose you are in Chicago and wish to start from this venue. You can connect to Maldivian Airlines flight from Chicago to Male. Besides, you can connect via Frankfurt, Germany, or Doha, Qatar. 
  • Florida: Spirit Airlines from Florida to the capital, Male, can help you start your journey from Florida. Several airlines are there too that operate flights within the USA and other locations from this spot. 

Besides, from Los Angeles, you can fly to Abu Dhabi, Qatar, or Doha first. From Miami, you may start directly for Abu Dhabi, Qatar, or Doha. 

How Long Is the Flight From the USA to the Maldives?

How Long Is the Flight From the USA to the Maldives

It can’t be said definitely how long you need to travel to reach Maldives from the USA. Because you are not starting from any fixed place. Moreover, your route may not be the same. 

For example: Starting from New York, you can reach the destination in about 10 hours. From Chicago too, it takes 10 hours to reach Male. Again, if you start your dream tour from other locations it takes almost 20 hours. So, be tricky while choosing the right mean for your trip.

How Can You Get to the USA from Maldives?

From Maldives, you can get to the USA in seven ways. The ways are:

  • Fly Male To Boston – It is a highly recommended and the fastest means.
  • Fly Male To  Seattle – It is the second fastest means.
  • Fly Gan Island To  Boston
  • Fly Male To New York JFK – This is the cheapest way.
  • Fly Gan Island To New York JFK
  • Fly Male To Chicago O’Hare
  • Fly Male To Newark – The second cheapest method.

Which Airline Is the Best From Maldives to USA?

Which Airline Is the Best From Maldives to USA

You can start your journey from the USA directly to the Maldives. Again you may opt for via route. Depending on the mode of your journey, you have to choose the airlines. To categorize the airline as the best one, you have to know first which airlines operate their flights on this route.    

  • Maldivian Airlines: This airline can be categorized as the best one by default. Because it is the only airline, flying directly from the USA to the Maldives. It operates a daily flight from New York and weekly three flights from Chicago.
    If you want to go to another destination in the Maldives except for Male, you have to connect through one of these airports. 
    But there are plenty of airlines that fly to the Maldives from other locations. To reach the Maldives via one of these other routes, you may choose any one of the following renowned airlines to fly with: –
  • Etihad Airways: This airline flies to the Maldives via Abu Dhabi. It’s a great choice if you like to reach the Maldives from Europe or Asia.
  • Emirates: Another great choice for people flying from Europe or Asia is Emirates. You’ll have to connect in Dubai.
  • Qatar Airways: If you’re flying from Asia, Qatar Airways is another choice. You’ll have to connect in Doha.

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Q: How Long Can a US Citizen Stay in Maldives?

Any US citizen can enter the Maldives if she/he has a valid passport, an onward/return ticket, and enough funds. S/he is issued upon arrival a no-cost visitor visa with a validity of 30 days.

Q: What Is the Cheapest Way to Travel to the Maldives?

The Maldives tour may be one of the cheapest ones for you if you are a bit tricky. To make it cost-effective you can travel during the off-season, limit your travel to one island, stay in a guest house, avoid resorts, select airlines carefully, etc.

Q: How Do You Travel to the Maldives Islands?

You will hardly find any regularly scheduled transport service linking the islands excluding a few air services. Usually, the agents make arrangements for the transfers between the resorts and the airport. They use a helicopter, dhoni – a local boat, speedboat, or launch. In most cases, it’s included in the resort package.

Final Words

As a lover of nature, you can’t deny the attraction of white sand beaches, crystal blue waters, and beautiful landscapes. Your planning to get to the Maldives is definitely a real treat for you. If you intend to make the trip from the USA to the Maldives you must know how to get to the Maldives from US.

You can fly there directly or connect to one of the many other cities that serve as a gateway to this dreamy destination. No matter how you get there, you’re sure to experience something truly special, something exceptional, and definitely memorable.