When Is the Best Time to Go to Maldives?

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Are you planning to visit Maldives – the land of beauty?  Maldives is a hotspot for holidaymakers. Its main attraction is its congenial warm weather throughout the year and postcard-worthy scenic beauty. You need to study about the destination place first. If you know – when is the best time to go to Maldives, you will be able to make a well-organized tour.

You can choose the peak time or off-peak time depending on your wallet condition. This punchy article will let you know about the overall climate of Maldives, and weather conditions in different months of the year. Continue reading the article and prepare yourself for enjoying the visit to the fullest. 

The Factors Determining the Best Time for Maldives Tour

To have a memorable tour in your life you must have a good plan. While planning a trip to the Maldives, you must take into consideration –

  • Expenses, 
  • Seasons, 
  • Your off time, and
  • The Best time for diving and snorkeling.

The Most Expensive Time to Visit Maldives

The Most Expensive Time to Visit Maldives

You need to make a tour plan keeping pace with your budget size. Your budget needs to be robust if you plan to make a Maldives tour from December to February. Especially on the eve of Easter Sunday, Christmas, and Happy New Year tourists have to pay higher for air tickets, resorts, etc. 

The winter sun holiday seems to be very lucrative to them. The most preferred as well as most expensive Travel time in the Maldives is from December to April. 

Low-cost Visit to Maldives

Visitors with a low budget can plan to make a tour in the months from May to November. Then they can avoid a huge rush of people. But they must get acknowledged the very possibility of rain. They may avail of special holiday offers.

If you are planning to go to the Maldives then you should read out our guide to know How much does it costs to go to the Maldives.

The Climate of Maldives 

Due to the geographical conditions, people in the Maldives enjoy a warm, tropical climate. The temperature ranges between 25°c and 31°c. But noticeable changes in humidity, rainfall, and sunrise and sunset hours take place in different months of the year. Let’s know the month-wise weather condition of the Maldives.

The Weather Conditions of the Maldives in Different Months

The Weather Conditions of the Maldives in Different Months
  • January: Best time for enjoying the beach. Sufficient sunshine and warm temperature create a comfort zone for tourists. Sea water remains clear and diving or snorkeling lovers pass the best time.
    Due to its weather friendliness, this month is treated as peak season. As it’s in high demand, you are to make an advance booking if you wish to visit in January.
  • From February to March: Despite these months being the driest, they also belong to peak season. Because the temperature then remains warm enough and humidity is low. The divers and the snorkelers love the time. So advance booking is required for the trip during this period.  
  • April: The weather in April also attracts the visitors like the months already mentioned above. The Month may be ended with some rainfall.
  • May to September: If you visit Maldives in the months from May to September, you will enjoy warm weather and enough sunshine. You may experience rainfall with thunderstorms. But the bad weather doesn’t last for a long time. People don’t enjoy diving or snorkeling that much due to the lack of water visibility. 
    These months are not appealing to tourists. Hence it is considered a low season. So you have the chance to reduce your costing related to flights and hotels. The fewer crowds during this time will help you spend the vacation in your own way.   
  • October to November: People are highly pleased with the weather condition of this time. But they are likely to experience rain with thunderstorms. These months have attained popularity among divers and snorkelers. They long for a possible meeting with manta rays and sharks. They are seen looking for food on the water plankton. 
    The tour you planned in the time period seems to be cost-effective. Being a low season there is no rush of people and you can avail of accommodation and flights at a cheaper rate.
  • December: Your plan for the Maldives tour in December is not also a bad choice. You can be a gainer for having great deals on plane fare and resort booking. But you must have mental preparation for possible storms and rainfall. 

Weather Conditions at a Glance

Months Average TemperatureHigh TemperatureLow TemperatureSunshine HoursRainfallSea Temperature
January27°C29°C25°C9 hours75mm (5 days of rainfall)28°C
February & March28°C30°C26°C9 – 10 hours50mm (5 – 7 days)28°C
April29°C31°C27°C9 hours132mm (10 days)30°C
May to September28°C30°C25°C7- 8 hours13 – 15 days per month30°C
October & November27°C29 °C25 °C6 – 8 hours222mm (14 – 16 days)28°C
December27°C29 °C25 °C7 hours232mm (13 days)20°C


Q: What is the cheapest month to go to the Maldives?

Maldives is always attractive to visitors. But their expenses are not the same throughout the year. The month of July and August are seemingly found to be the cheapest months. That means you can avail of the resorts in the then Maldives, at an affordable cost for all.

Q: How many days is enough for the Maldives visit?

The sufficiency of a tour length is not supposed to be equal for all. But on average if you decide to stay there for 4 to 5 days, it’s enough. Within this time frame, it’s possible for you to explore the major places of the islands. 

Q: How is the Ramadan time in Maldives for a tourist?

Being a Muslim country, Ramadan is of great importance there. As a traveler, you may find some restaurants closed during the daytime in the capital Male. Usually, the island resorts continue their activities as they do. The restaurants remain open and alcohol is also served in bars.

Q: What is the best time for diving or surfing in the Maldives?

You may find the months from March to October in the Maldives as the best for surfing. The island’s western side offers the most water visibility from May to November. Again, water visibility remains excellent from December to April on the island’s eastern side. 

Final Word

If you seek unadulterated luxury, an escape from monotony with the beloved, Maldives is the best destination place. But when is the best time to go to Maldives? It differs and depends on the context. If budget is not a problem, considering the weather condition, the months between November and April are the best time for the Maldives visit. 

Again, you are suggested to choose the time from March to April for visiting the Maldives. Easter holidays are not included in it as this time is valued as the most expensive. If the budget is low make a decision, following the article’s guidelines. 

Have a nice tour!