Do You Need a Passport to Go to Fiji: A Detailed Guide on Fiji Destination Description

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Fiji is a beautiful island country with a tremendous number of foreign visitors, especially from Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Without a visa, citizens of many countries can go to Fiji. You will need a valid passport for at least six months after the departure date from Fiji, but some citizens do not need a tourist visa to go to Fiji. Gather some documents and fill up the application form. 

This post will tell you do you need a passport to go to Fiji. If yes, what are the procedures you need to follow? Let’s get into the discussion without any further delay. 

What are the Passport Requirements to Go to Fiji?

Two passport-size photos are needed to fulfill the process in a hassle-free way. Check out some websites to know the passport requirements of Fiji regarding passport size photos and visa photos.

By capturing a perfect photo, your passport application will be accepted. While taking a passport or visa photo, you should be concerned about the background color, best photo angle, facial expression, eye look, lighting, and other necessary things.

You can get your passport photos online, saving you time and effort, and it is more convenient than going to a studio to take pictures. However, the pricing of the photos may vary depending on the exchange rate on the day you are planning to place your order.

After taking an excellent passport-size picture for the Fiji passport, submit that to the website you choose for further processing. When the process is done online, you can easily download the photo and print it on photo-quality paper. Then, give your address to the site and get the photos.

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Who Doesn’t Need Visa to Visit Fiji

Who Doesn't Need Visa to Visit Fiji

Not all have to have a visa to go to Fiji. Citizens of over a hundred countries don’t issue a visa to get into Fiji. They can even stay there for up to four months but having a passport is a must. Those citizens must be from Australia, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the European Union, India, South Africa, China, Japan, and the Philippines.

People from these countries must enter Fiji with their valid passports for a minimum of six months before they depart from Fiji. The passports also need to have one blank page. To avoid any mess, the visitors must have an outbound ticket and sufficient money to visit Fiji.

As per the rule declared at the end of 2021, fully vaccinated travelers against Covid 19 from Fiji’s travel partner country don’t need to quarantine after their arrival. However, the list of travel partner countries constantly changes.

So, you should get information from the Tourism Fiji website before making your flight to Fiji ready. Visitors from non-travel partner countries are required to quarantine for ten days.

Visa Extensions in Fiji

Visa Extensions in Fiji

Travelers must apply for a visa extension if they want to stay in Fiji for a few more days. Then, they can find the Department of Immigration Offices throughout the country, which offer many extensions for an additional two months up to six months. First, however, you should showcase the reasons for your stay there.

You should also remember that, depending on your situation, you may and may only be able to stay for a while. The visa extension system will cost approximately FJD$91 ($42). Therefore, you must show evidence of sufficient funds for your stay in Fiji.

Work and Study Visa Procedures in Fiji

If you want to go to Fiji for study or employment, you must undergo some procedures to issue your visa. After that, the visa for work or study can be issued case-by-case. First, however, you must show evidence you got from any Fijian school or university and sufficient funds as an acceptance letter.

A medical report is also an essential document that visa institutes require. In addition, you have to have a police clearance certificate from the country of residence. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to get a visa in Fiji.

On the other hand, people who want to go to Fiji for employment will get a visa upon showing proof of a contract of employment, English language skills, a police clearance form from the country of origin, and a medical report.


Q: What Covid 19 protocol do I need to ensure to enter Fiji?

Fiji had a high level of Covid-19, for which a level 4 Travel Health Notice for Fiji has been issued by The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. Therefore, before traveling to Fiji, you must ensure that you maintain all the safety protocols to enter the country. In addition, make sure you are fully vaccinated. 

Q: Is it safe to visit Fiji?

Yes, because the records of crime in Fiji are significantly low. Whatever the situation and wherever you go, you are responsible for ensuring your safety. Be careful about your possessions and travel documents while making a trip there.

Keep your belongings always with you because theft is a common issue in Fiji. Besides, you need to be careful while roaming around Fiji’s busy cities and towns at night. Check here and there while taking cash from the cash machines. Also, women must be cautious to keep themselves safe from sexual assault. 

Q: What are the HIV restrictions for visitors to Fiji?

There are some HIV restrictions for travelers to Fiji. For example, if a visitor wants to visit Fiji and stay there for less than four months, he doesn’t need any documents for his HIV test. However, those looking for a work visa to get employment in Fiji must have medical clearance to obtain permission to get into the country.

After getting the medical clearance document, the work permit committee of Fiji will check and decide on a case-by-case basis. Upon verification, they will let the visitor know whether he is permitted to make the trip to Fiji.

Closing Lines

The travelers must ensure they meet all the foreign entry and health requirements to issue a passport. In addition, you need to show the accurate travel documents you have to get the chance to go to Fiji. This content on whether you need a passport to go to Fiji fulfilled your requirements and related issues you need to know.