What Language Does Dominican Republic Speak?

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The Dominican Republic is a wonderful and luxurious tourist destination. The amazing sandy beaches and the pleasant weather are sure to change your idea of relaxation. If you do not want to only relax then this country has also got you covered in that scenario with a range of adventurous activities and rum tasting to make your trip fun.

However, one downside when you are traveling to other countries is the language the locals speak. In many countries, people do not know English or do not want to speak any other language other than their native tongue. So, you may be wondering, what language does the Dominican Republic speak?

What Language Does Dominican Republic Speak?

The official language that is spoken in the Dominican Republic is Spanish. About 85% of the people in this country speak Spanish. This is why Spanish is a very popular language and holds the fourth position among the most spoken languages. However, Dominicans also speak other languages all of which are mentioned down below.

1. Spanish

You may be thinking that since they speak Spanish you can easily communicate with them. Unfortunately, this is not true for the most part. The people there do not speak plain Spanish but Dominican Spanish. 

This means that the people have a dialect of their own and are part of Caribbean Spanish. They change a few things. For example, they do not even use the letter “s” when they are speaking.

They also use the letter “l” in words instead of the letter “r”.

Furthermore, there are some words in the Spanish language which people do not use anymore in the modern world. However, the Dominicans still use those words. Thus, the difference in vocabulary compared to other dialects of this language is quite visible. 

2. Samaná English

Samaná English is just one of the categories of the English language. About 12,000 people who live in the Dominican Republic speak this language. However, not everyone speaks this language. 

The families of Black immigrants who used to live in the Dominican Republic usually speak this kind of English. They are recognized as Samana Americans as they came from The United States. 

However, due to certain policies of the government of this country, this language is on the verge of becoming extinct. Many citizens do not use it and some even neglect it so much so that they do not wish to count it in the list of the existing languages of the world. 

3. English

You think that since English is the most popular and widely spoken language in the world a lot of people in the Dominican Republic would speak this dialect. This is unfortunately not true. Only 15,000 citizens of this country speak this language. 

This is not even 1% of the total population of the country. Even though it may not be as widely spoken as Spanish in the Dominican Republic, people still use it, especially in the areas of tourism. Thus, you will have little to no problem with communication if you are a tourist.

However, English is taught in every local school in the country and is a mandatory foreign language that children need to learn. So, even though they may not speak English, you may find people who know English. Still, it is better to know some important Spanish words to make your trip less difficult.

4. Haitian Creole

As you may be able to tell by the name, this is one of the official languages of Haiti. Descendants of Haitian people speak this language and it is spoken by about 9 million people all over the world.

In the Dominican Republic, about 160,000 people speak this dialect which is about 25 of the whole population; still more than English speakers. It is still, however, one of the minor languages of the country.

This language has a mixture of two dialects which is French and African. The other official language of Haiti is Spanish although they consider it as their second language, Haitian Creole is the first.

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Indigenous Groups In The Dominican Republic

Indigenous Groups In The Dominican Republic

Like most countries, you will find many other indigenous groups in this country. They are recognized as minority groups as they are outnumbered by the locals of the general population.

These minority groups usually include people who are Spanish, Asians, and white Europeans. Among the Asians, you will mostly find Chinese in the country. People who are Jewish have also immigrated to the Dominican Republic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Which race do the Dominicans belong to?

Generally, the population of the Dominican Republic is a mixture of African and European ethnicities. This is why their official language is Spanish and Haitian Creole is an adaptation of French and African. 

Q: Is it difficult to understand Dominican Spanish?

Dominican Spanish is actually quite different from the Spanish language. This is because they usually do not mention the letter “s” in words. They also interchange the letter “r” with the letter “l”.

Furthermore, they also use Spanish words that are not used in the modern world anymore. Some of the words even have various interpretations as well.

Q: How many people speak French in the Dominican Republic?

Similar to the English language, only less than about 1% of the total population speaks French, however, this language is also taught in all the local schools of the country as a foreign language.


The Dominican Republic is one of those countries in the Caribbean that is the most visited by people. This is because this is assured to provide you with experiences and opportunities for you to have the perfect vacation.

Now that you are aware of what languages the Dominicans speak, you can also easily communicate in Spanish. Moreover, the locals and tourist guides of the country are so friendly that you do not have to worry if you don’t understand their language. They will all be kind enough to help you, even using gestures.