Why is Bali So Cheap?(**Detail Guide 2022**)

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The beautiful beaches, clean seas, and dense forests of Bali are quite well-known. You may enjoy a pretty good vacation in Bali for a much lower price compared to other well-known locations that are famous for their affordability. Moreover, we know how inexpensive things can be in Asia.

According to what we’ve heard, employees in lower-developed Asian nations make less money, which in turn lowers the region’s total buying power. This contributes to Bali’s low-cost partly. However, Bali is actually affordable for a variety of reasons. Thus, it raises the question as to why is Bali so cheap.

Why Is Bali So Cheap?

Bali is quite affordable because the cost of living there is quite cheaper compared to other destinations. Everything starting from food to hotel accommodations to shopping to even transportation costs, all are far less expensive.

Bali BBQ on the beach

In essence, the most pricey item you’ll need to purchase is a flight to Bali. According to estimations, a good life in Indonesia costs about $80 a day. There are also some other reasons which are mentioned down below.

• Bali is a very well-known weekend getaway

Due to its popularity as a travel destination, Bali has a lot of rivalry among companies. Due to the competition, costs for everything remain cheap, including hotel, food, entertainment, and transport. Furthermore, the rupiah, the currency of Bali, is weak in comparison to the currencies of other countries.

This implies that when compared to other nations, Bali offers better value for your money. And lastly, labor is inexpensive in Bali.  This leads to the ability of firms to charge less for their products and services.

• Bali is a comparatively remote island

Since Bali is a very small island, getting around is simple and travel expenditures are quite minimal. Most locations on this island are accessible by bicycle or by walking as well. Additionally, taxis and buses are relatively inexpensive if you require to use them.

Bali is a comparatively remote island

Moreover, the island offers a variety of cost-free activities, including trekking, sightseeing, and swimming in the numerous marketplaces and temples.

•Labor expenses are very minimal in Bali

Due to Bali’s extremely low price of labor, companies may sell their goods and services at substantially lower costs. This implies that you may have access to similar services and activities as individuals in different countries, but for a lot less money.

•No charges for import

Bali has no tariffs for imports, allowing consumers to discover fantastic prices on items from across the entire world. All kinds of goods, starting from clothing and gadgets to souvenirs and meals may be purchased at incredibly low costs.

Typical Costs Of Travelling To Bali

Your decision to either travel affordably or opulently will have a significant impact on the expenses of your vacation to Bali. Bali offers a wide variety of spending options. Although it may be highly expensive if you wish to experience the nicer aspects of life, it is also incredibly reasonable if you wish it to be.

Though a traveler on a tight budget may manage to survive in Bali on as little as $15 a day, it is often advised to spend about $30 or more. It is always better to choose the third or the second most inexpensive hotel in the city rather than the cheapest one as the environment may not be up to par.

However, it is not necessary to spend $581 every day to experience the comfort and a touch of luxury. A reasonable daily expenditure for a relaxing and pleasurable trip to Bali will be between $100 and $150. This might land you a fantastic lodging option with a lot of cash left over for entertainment, dining, and beverages.

For planning your vacation to Bali with a budget, the Pareto Rule, also known as the 80/20 rule, works wonders. You may be able to enjoy about 80% of the luxury and comfort by only spending 20% of your whole budget.

However, if you want the rest of the 20% of the amenities, you have to be willing to spend the rest 80% of your budget. Furthermore, for the majority of individuals, 80% of luxury will be more than sufficient for their Bali trip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the nicest location to stay in Bali if you have a budget?

The majority of the tourist sites are very distant from West Bali, which is typically thought of as being among the more affordable parts of Bali to stay in. Given that it is close to the region and a few of Bali’s most beautiful beaches, South Bali is often more pricey.

In general, central Bali strikes a decent combination between cost and accessibility to the attractions. If you enjoy the outdoors, it is advised to vacation in Ubud, and if you prefer beaches, Canggu.

2. Is food and beverages expensive in Bali?

Drink and food prices in Bali can be costly, particularly if you eat at a posh beach hotel or the more exclusive restaurants. Nevertheless, you may also eat in neighborhood warungs for about $2 to $3 per meal. The amount you choose to pay for meals and beverages is entirely up to you.

3. Is Bali’s public transport system affordable?

Although Bali’s public transportation is quite inexpensive, it isn’t always the most practical and dependable. 

Buses are Bali’s only available public transit option, however, due to the island’s subpar infrastructure, they operate infrequently and take a lengthy amount of time to go short distances because of the small roads. When visiting Bali, nobody ever uses the public transport system.


As you have seen so far, traveling to and living in Bali may be affordable. Going on a luxurious vacation trip in Bali will nevertheless be less expensive compared to the other vacation spots in different countries. It is a wonderful place to travel and the ideal, reasonably-priced island for a break.

You will see that the most priced thing that you have to spend money on is the airfare to Bali. You can limit your alcohol consumption, pick your hotel carefully, eat at neighborhood cafes, and buy at the general stores to cut expenditures.